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Project overview

We will explore the use of Socio-Technical Natural Language Processing (NLP) for classifying behavioural online harms within online forum posts (e.g. bullying; drugs & alcohol abuse; gendered harassment; self-harm), especially for young people. Our socio-technical AI will explore both zero-shot and graph-based NLP algorithms for behaviour classification, using a cyclic socio-technical methodology. This approach will facilitate incremental use of human feedback for iterative learning and re-ranking, overcoming the limited training data issue and keeping a 'human in the loop'. We follow an inclusive multi-disciplinary research approach, integrating stakeholders into our experiments from the start.


Lead researcher

Dr Stuart Middleton

Associate Professor

Research interests

  • Natural Language Processing
  • Human-in-the-loop NLP: Active Learning, Adversarial Training, Rationale-based Learning, Interactive Sense Making
  • Information Extraction: Few/Zero Shot Learning, Graph-based Models, Behaviour Classification, Geoparsing/Location Extraction, Event Extraction, Argument Mining
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