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Research project

Sandham - EP/G058318/1 - Engineering of surfaces for drag reduction in water


Lead researcher

Professor Neil Sandham

Professor of Aerospace Engineering

Research interests

  • Transonic aerodynamics of wings
  • Hypersonic flows with transition to turbulence
  • Flow over rough surfaces
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Other researchers

Dr Martyn Prince

Principal Research Engineer
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Collaborating research institutes, centres and groups

Research outputs

M. Thakkar, A. Busse & N.D. Sandham, 2017, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 837
Type: article
Angela Busse, Neil D. Sandham, Glen McHale & Michael I. Newton, 2013, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 727, 488-508
Type: article
A.E. Busse & N.D. Sandham, 2012, Physics of Fluids, 24(55111), 1-20
Type: article
Angela Busse & Neil D. Sandham, 2012, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 712, 169-202
Type: article