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Research group

Aerodynamics and flight mechanics

Aerospace engineer

Our group researches aerodynamics and flight mechanics through experiments, simulation, and associated modelling and theory.

Part of Engineering


We explore the improvement of computer simulation tools such as developing a universally applicable computational fluid dynamics (CFD) code. Our aim is to develop codes suitable for particular fluid flow phenomena. 

The group’s expertise has grown to include code development, and validation and optimisation for different scalar and parallel computer architectures. This has given us the opportunity to collaborate with high-performance computer centres in the UK. 

Our main research areas include: 

  • high-speed flows 
  • fluid mechanics 
  • applied aerodynamics and aeroacoustics 
  • rotorcraft design and aircraft operations 
  • industrial aerodynamics 

We have close connections with the aerospace industry and have achieved Defence and Aerospace Research Partnership (DARP) status in: 

  • rotorcraft aeromechanics 
  • modelling and simulation of turbulence and transition for aerospace  

We host the UK Turbulence Consortium, exploiting national high-performance computing resources for simulation of turbulent flows. 

Research highlights

Projects and publications

Research projects


Our people

I specialise in the measurement and modelling of multiphase fluid mechanics, and maintain a suite of research codes and a laboratory, which specialises in optical diagnostics.
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