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Research project

SargSNAP! Youth-led citizen science in Ghana

Project overview

SargSNAP! aims to increase digital skills in remote coastal communities in Ghana through engaging schools in photography-based citizen science, to empower these communities to be part of the study and decision-making in adaptation to climate change driven risks. We combine the in-person engagement of teachers and students in three primary schools to monitor sargassum seaweed on their local coasts through handheld cameras and fixed photography points, with the co-development of online training resources to engage schools with greater computing facilities but less direct access to the coast. This will strengthen the involvement and capacity for these communities to be part of sargassum and coastal adaptation, and establish partnership for further research and engagement in studying the social-ecological adaptation of Ghanaian coasts to emergent threats.


Lead researcher

Professor Emma Tompkins

Prof of Geog, Environment & Development
Other researchers

Dr Vicky Dominguez Almela

Teaching Fellow in Ecology

Research interests

  • Her work has included the use of individual-based models (IBMs), geographical information systems (GIS) and stable isotopes to increase understandings of invasion patterns and processes and evaluate invasive species eradication programmes.
  • Postgrad Rep and Social Media Lead of the British Ecological Society Invasion Science Group.

Dr Sien Van Der Plank PhD

Senior Research Fellow

Research interests

  • Multi-scale analysis using mixed methods of coastal flood risk management across policy domains, organisational stakeholders and households.
  • Risk attitudes and behaviours to the natural environment in relation to perceived, expected and experienced social and physical changes.
  • Mixed methods analysis of the form and evolution of stakeholder perceptions toward mining, expected impacts of mining, and experiences of consultation process.

Collaborating research institutes, centres and groups

Research outputs

D. Yaw Atiglo,
Philip-Neri Jayson-Quashigah ,
Winnie Sowah,
& Kwasi Appeaning Addo
, 2023 , Global Environmental Change , 84
Type: article