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Research project

Skyrmionics: From Magnetic Excitations to Functioning Low-Energy Devices


Lead researcher

Professor Hans Fangohr

Professor of Computational Modelling
Other researchers

Dr Ondrej Hovorka

Associate Professor

Research interests

  • Nanorobotics for biomedicine
  • Computational nanomagnetism
  • Data science and machine learning

Collaborating research institutes, centres and groups

Research outputs

Marijan Beg,
Juliette Taka,
Thomas Kluyver,
Alexander Konovalov,
Min Ragan-Kelley,
Nicolas M. Thiéry,
, 2021 , Computing in Science & Engineering , 23 (2) , 36--46
Type: article
David Cortés-Ortuño,
Marijan Beg,
Vanessa Nehruji,
Leoni Breth,
Ryan, Alexander Pepper,
Thomas Kluyver,
Gary, Matthew Downing,
Thorsten Hesjedal,
Peter Hatton,
Tom Lancaster,
Riccardo Hertel,
, 2018 , New Journal of Physics , 20 (113015) , 1--15
Type: article
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