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Research project

Sm Spearing Ep/E003427/1


Lead researcher

Professor Mark Spearing

Vice-President (Research & Enterprise)
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Other researchers

Professor Ian Sinclair

Professor of Engineering Materials
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Collaborating research institutes, centres and groups

Research outputs

J. Lambert, A.R. Chambers, I. Sinclair & S.M. Spearing, 2012, Composites Science and Technology, 72(2), 337-343
Type: article
P. Wright, A.J. Moffat, I. Sinclair & S.M. Spearing, 2010, Composites Science and Technology, 70(10), 1444-1452
Type: article
Andrew J. Moffat, Peter Wright, Lukas Helfen, T. Baumbach, Gregory Johnson, Simon M. Spearing & Ian Sinclair, 2010, Scripta Materialia, 62(2), 97-100
Type: article
Andrew J. Moffatt, Peter Wright, Jean-Yves Buffière, Ian Sinclair & Simon Mark Spearing, 2008, Scripta Materialia, 59(10), 1043-1046
Type: article
Peter Wright, X. Fu, I. Sinclair & S.M. Spearing, 2008, Journal of Composite Materials, 42(19), 1993-2002
Type: article