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Research group

Engineering materials and surface engineering

Material held in hands.

We’re working to enable surface interactions to occur with minimal energy loss and impact on the environment through enhanced materials performance and improved designs.

Part of Engineering


We will provide the next generation of technology in: 

  • microsystems 
  • biomedical engineering 
  • engineering 
  • engineering chemistry 

Our research areas stretch across many topics including: 

  • aerospace and automotive materials 
  • energy materials 
  • corrosion 
  • artificial hips 
  • Microsystems 
  • 3D printing 

Our current research areas include: 

  • functional materials 
  • future manufacturing & processing 
  • advanced characterisation of structural materials 
  • advanced prosthetics and orthotics 

Projects and publications


Our people

It’s important for research to have a broad view, for me the excitement comes from engineering advanced materials, devices and intelligent systems for new sciences and technologies which address unmet application needs.
Professor of Materials & Electromec Syst
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