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Research project

Social alienation and uncertain growth: a pre- and post-reform analysis in India

Project overview

To what extent does education mitigate the regressive effects on economic growth? In this project, awarded by the Leverhulme Trust and co-led with Prof. Sushanta Mallick from Queen Mary University of London, we answer this question by building a social distance function and an empirical exercise that exploits data on India's NSS over three different survey rounds. The grant amount was £78348.


Lead researcher

Professor Tapas Mishra

Head of Department Banking and Finance

Research interests

  • Long memory; Green finance and corporate culture; Mergers and Acquisition, Stochastic economic growth; Macroprudential policy and stress testing; Environmental and demographic volatility; Cryptocurrency modelling; Climate finance, Small Business Economics, and Innovation-diffusion modelling.
  • Demography-growth-environmental interdependence

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Research outputs

Prashant Gupta,
Sushanta Mallick,
& Tapas Mishra
, 2018 , World Development , 104 , 154--172
Type: article
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