Research project

SPARCARB - H2020 MSCA ITN - Prof. Ole Thybo Thomsen


Other researchers

Professor Ian Sinclair

Professor of Engineering Materials
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Professor Paul Lewin

Professor of Electrical Power Engineerin
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Professor Janice Barton

Professor of Experimental Mechanics
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Dr Igor Golosnoy

Associate Professor

Research interests

  • Research interests include numerical modelling of various coupled electrical, thermal and mechanical phenomena with emphasis on free and moving boundaries problems: gaseous discharges and arcs; electric propulsion systems for spacecraft, e.g. Pulsed Plasma Thrusters, Gridded Ion Engines, Hollow Cathodes; lightning strikes damage in aircrafts and wind turbines; eddy currents in electrical machines; oil and dust migrations in transformers; gas flow and heat exchange in fibre network materials; heat transfer, sintering and residual stresses in various coatings; transient liquid phase bonding technique; plastic deformation of multilayer materials and structures; laser drilling and surface modification of metals and composites.
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