Research project

Speech Enhancement in the Neural Space


Lead researcher

Professor Stefan Bleeck

Head of Department

Research interests

  • The aim of my work is to understand how we hear sound and to use this knowledge to create bio-inspired solutions to enhance speech communication.
  • I have continuously worked on various aspects of hearing research and technology and have been principal investigator on various research grants (EU, EPSRCS, etc) with a value of more than £2M. I am team leader with an internationally recognised research programme to develop devices that help normal hearing and hearing-impaired people to communicate better in noise. Methodologies include brainstem physiology, neuronal simulations, deep learing, psychophysics, pupil tracking and other physiological measurements. 
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Other researchers

Dr Matthew Wright

Professorial Fellow (Education)

Research interests

  • Musical instrument acoustics
  • Thermoviscous acoustics
  • Computer-enhanced learning
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