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Research project

The Ecophysiological Basis for Co-Variability in Light-Limited and Saturated Rates Of Phytoplankton Photosynthesis


Lead researcher

Professor Mark Moore

Professor of Oceanography

Research interests

  • Marine Biogeochemistry
  • Oceanic nutrient and carbon cycling
  • Phytoplankton photosynthesis
Other researchers

Professor Tom Bibby

Professor of Biological Oceanography

Research interests

  • (1) The role of photosynthetic microbes in global biogeochemical cycles(2) The use of photosynthetic microbes for sustainable products

Research outputs

Cristina Fernández-González,
María Pérez-Lorenzo,
Nicola Pratt,
& Emilio Marañón
, 2020 , Journal of Phycology , 56 (3) , 818--829
Type: article
A.I. Macey,
T. Ryan-Keogh,
S. Richier,
, 2014 , Limnology and Oceanography , 59 (6) , 1853--1864
Type: article
Evelyn Lawrenz,
Greg Silsbe,
Elisa Capuzzo,
Pasi Ylöstalo,
Rodney M. Forster,
Stefan G. H. Simis,
Ondřej Prášil,
Jacco C. Kromkamp,
Marie-Hélèn Forget,
Richard J. Geider,
& David J. Suggett
, 2013 , PLoS ONE , 8 (3) , e58137
Type: article
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