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Research project

Transformative Science and Engineering for Nuclear Decommissioning

Project overview

TRANSCEND (Transformative Science and Engineering for Nuclear Decommissioning) is a collaborative research consortium of 11 universities and 8 industry partners.
The £9.4million research programme comprises 40 projects which will address some of the key challenges within the areas of nuclear decommissioning and waste management. Work at the University of Southampton, carried out in our GAU-Radioanalytical Laboratories, examines the application of novel electrical or electrokinetic treatment technologies to problem nuclear site wastes, supporting TRANSCEND's site decommissioning and remediation theme, and more widely, effective clean-up and management of the UK's nuclear waste and nuclear site legacy.


Lead researcher

Professor Andrew Cundy

Chair in Environmental Radiochemistry

Research interests

  • Environmental radioactivity and radiochemistry
  • Environmental geology
  • Contaminated land, wastes and water management

Collaborating research institutes, centres and groups

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