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Transition to a forested planet - John Marshall - NERC


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Professor John Marshall

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Professor J. Andy Milton

Prof Fellow in Analytical Geochemistry
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Research outputs

William E. Stein, Christopher M. Berry, Jennifer L. Morris, Linda Vanaller Hernick, Frank Mannolini, Charles Ver Straeten, Ed Landing, John E.a. Marshall, Charles H. Wellman, David J. Beerling & Jonathan R. Leake, 2020, Current Biology, 30(3), 421-431.e2
Type: article
John E.A. Marshall, Huaicheng Zhu, Charles H. Wellman, Christopher M. Berry, Yi Wang, Hongue Xu & Pierre Bruer, 2017, Revue de Micropalontologie, 60(3), 403-409
Type: article
Jennifer A. Clack, Carys E. Bennett, David K. Carpenter, Sarah J. Davies, Nicholas C. Fraser, Timothy I. Kearsey, John E.A. Marshall, David Millward, Benjamin K. A. Otoo, Emma J. Reeves, Andrew J. Ross, Marcello Ruta, Keturah Z. Smithson, Timothy R. Smithson & Stig A. Walsh, 2017, Nature Ecology & Evolution, 1(1)
Type: article
Jennifer L. Morris, Jonathan R. Leake, William E. Stein, Christopher M. Berry, John E.A. Marshall, Charles H. Wellman, J. Andrew Milton, Stephen Hillier, Frank Mannolini, Joe Quirk & David J. Beerling, 2015, Palaeontology, 58(5), 787-801
Type: article