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Research project

UK Global Challenges Research Fund: “Growing Research Capability to Meet the Challenges Faced by Developing Countries


Lead researcher

Professor Justin Sheffield

Head of School

Research interests

  • Large-scale hydrology and its interactions with climate variability and change.
  • Hydrological extremes, climate change, and hydrological processes from catchment to global scale.

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Other researchers

Professor Guy Baverstock-Poppy

Professor In Biological Sciences

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Professor Jadu Dash

Professor of Remote Sensing

Research interests

  • Satellite derived land surface phenology and its validation with ground data
  • Developing a chlorophyll content based production efficiency model to quantify terrestrial carbon uptake

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Professor Jim Wright

Professor in GIS & Int Development

Research interests

  • Safe water access and public health in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Environmental applications of GIS

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Mr Chris Hill

Geodata Institute Manager

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Professor Gopal Ramchurn

Professor of Artificial Intelligence

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Professor Laura Lewis

Professor of Anthropology

Research interests

  • History and ethnography of race and Afro-Mexico/Afro-Latin America
  • Latin America and the Caribbean

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Collaborating research institutes, centres and groups

Research outputs

Mawuli Dzodzomenyo,
Moses Asamoah,
Chengxiu Li,
Elvis Kichana,
& Jim Wright
, 2022 , Applied Water Science , 12 (10)
Type: article
Chengxiu Li,
Moses Asamoah,
Mawuli Dzodzomenyo,
Solomon Gebrechorkos,
Daniela Anghileri,
& Jim Wright
, 2022 , Scientific Reports , 12 (1)
Type: article
Chengxiu Li,
Matthew Kandel,
Daniela Anghileri,
Francis Oloo,
Oscar Kambombe,
Tendai Polite Chibarabada,
Cosmo Ngongondo,
, 2021 , Environmental Research Letters , 16 (8)
Type: article
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