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Research project

Young People's Perceptions of Sexual Consent

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Project overview

This project has engaged young people with research carried out by academics in Southampton Law School on sexual consent. By arranging and leading workshops in educational institutions in Hampshire such as schools and sixth-form colleges, the project used existing and ongoing research to stimulate public debate. By engaging the ‘target population’ directly in these debates, we sought to embed an enduring culture of dialogue between researchers and publics. This dialogue has broader implications for policymakers and practitioners, and so the project additionally provides a valuable opportunity for engagement by publics with these groups.

Between 2014 and 2016, the project leader David Gurnham published significant theoretical and critical work in leading peer-reviewed law journals challenging dominant assumptions around sexual consent; more recently we have together conducted empirical research to ‘test’ these arguments. It is the collective findings from this research that forms the basis for our public engagement project.


Lead researcher

Professor David Gurnham

Prof of Criminal Law & Int Legal Studies

Research interests

  • Gurnham's research and teaching reflect a primary interest in interdisciplinary approaches to law, through humanities and the arts. 

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Other researchers

Doctor Harry Annison

Associate Professor

Research interests

  • Penal politics
  • Probation and parole

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