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Be Active

Be Active offers something for everyone, whether you're a beginner, want to get back into sport you love without the commitment, or just want to stay active, there's something for you.

Fun, Social and Inclusive. All kit provided.

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What is Be Active?

Be Active is a free University of Southampton scheme that offers a great way to get involved with fun sessions that focus on making sport sociable, inclusive and enjoyable with no weekly commitment. Each session has a student ambassador there to welcome you, answer any questions and help you get involved. The sessions are mixed abilities, everyone is welcome, first -timers to seasoned pros.  

A great way to try something different and meet new people whilst getting active! 


What’s available for me?

You can participate in any Be Active session or event if you are a UoS student.

All equipment is provided for you, so you don't have to buy anything. There's no requirement to join a club or have a membership.

Here are some of the regular sessions:

Day & Time Activities
Couch to 5k (coached). Meet outside Jubilee Sports Centre
Social badminton (Just Play). Jubilee Sports Centre. Mixed abilities.
Social Badminton (Just Play). Advanced.
Couch to 5k (Coached). Meet outside Jubilee Sports Centre.
Yoga (Coached). Winchester School of Arts, Westside Lecture Theatre.
Social Beginners Tennis (Coached). Avenue Campus. Mixed abilities.
Social 5 a side indoor football (Just Play). Team Southampton Sports Hall. Mixed abilities.
Social Badminton (Just Play). Jubilee Sports Centre. Mixed abilities.



Couch to 5k (Coached). Meet outside Jubilee Sports Centre.


Social Squash (Just Play). SUSU building Squash Courts. Mixed abilities.


Contact us 

If you have any questions then contact Gabe:

Click here for the Playwaze app which you need to book.


Work for Be Active (paid opportunities)

You can become a student ambassador and work with Be Active and the Student Communities. Apply to be a paid student ambassador




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Some people asked before, "How does surfing go online? It's amazing hahaha."

In fact, "Be Active" activities such as "virtual tennis, virtual table tennis, and virtual boxing" are the same principle. The fundamental purpose is to let everyone participate and exercise.

Surfing is a combination of dynamic and static sports. For example, standing on one foot, changing the movement of the other foot on the mat, simulating surfing, is a test of balance ability, and can also allow the body to fully stretch.

The action of sticking to the yoga mat is imitating surfing on the surfboard. This action can exercise the back muscles and relieve neuromuscular tension.

Regular exercises of similar movements can stretch the sedentary body, eliminate mental fatigue, and improve study and work efficiency. It's fun and We hope you can try out this new course!


其实与“虚拟网球、虚拟乒乓球、虚拟拳击”等“Be Active”活动是一个原理,或许都是无实物进行训练,根本目的还是让大家参与进来,活动筋骨。




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