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The University of Southampton
Sport and Wellbeing

Accessible Sport and Fitness

Accessible Student Sport & Fitness

Accessible sport, accessible facilities, everybody welcome!

Here at Sport & Wellbeing, we are proud to offer accessible opportunities and facilities. Take a look at how we can enhance your time at the University of Southampton.

Our flagship facilities, Jubilee Sports Centre and Mayflower gym, have been designed to be accessible for all. Please contact our Client Services team to discuss any further ways we can support you in using our facilities.

UoS student
UoS student

Campaigns throughout the year

We are proud to support various campaigns throughout the year with a focus on encouraging all abilities to get involved in fitness and sport. We regularly look to hold complimentary events that coincide with events such as University Mental Health Day. Along with campaigns that encourage Women in Sport and ways in which we can support in removing the stigma that comes with male mental health.

If you have a campaign in mind that we should take a particular focus on please email us via

Ease of access and use of our facilities

The accessibility guide website AccessAble, has collated information about some of our facilities to help give members more detailed knowledge about our sites. Please see their pages on the Jubilee Sports Centre and the Wide Lane Sports Pavillion

#DoesYouGood & Be Active

Our ongoing campaign lists specialised activities that our provided by S&W, but also by third-parties. Take a look on our designated page to see what opportunities you can get involved in. During Covid-19, we took a particular focus on virtual offerings.

We are currently in the stages of designing a dedicated complimentary Active programme for all University of Southampton students, take a look here to find out more.

Supported Fitness Sessions

We currently have a partnership with our enabling team that supports student's wellbeing at University of Southampton.

If you are looking for support within our Gym environment, we highly recommend speaking to a member of the team. We can discuss and assist you in keeping or getting active – we offer gym equipment that can be adapted for you.

Jubilee Fitness Suite Gym
Jubilee Fitness Suite Gym

Gym Quiet Time

Loud gym music is not for everyone, so we have 2 designated quiet hours at our Jubilee Gym.

Sessions run on Wednesday from 8pm-9pm and Friday from 12pm-1pm. We ask that all our members respect this decision during these allocated times and help us create a quieter environment. You are of course welcome to bring your own headphones to listen to your music, but our music system will remain switched off.

Inclusive Sports Leaders

Our Students’ Union offer the SUSU Sports Participation Committee (SPC), SPC plan and deliver sports participation campaigns in partnership with our elected Vice-President of Sports. Keep your eyes peeled for designated campaigns, or feel free to get in contact with the Students’ Union to be part of the SPC.

Club welfare

Did you know that all AU clubs are required to nominate one of their members to act as welfare officer? This can be its own role or part of another remit. Welfare officers are responsible for overseeing the wellbeing of their club members.

These officers, as well as other key committee members, are required to complete Welfare Inclusivity Diversity & Equality (WIDE) training, as well as other sessions that come up such as CHANGES-Intervention anti-hazing and initiation training.

The role was introduced in 2016 and has been an expanding role since, so expect there to be more emphasis on this in future. Visit the Sports Club page to find out how you can get in touch with them.

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