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Research and research highlights 

On the Existence of Low-Mass Dark Matter and its Direct Detection

Dark matter accounts for a majority of the matter in the Universe, but its properties are largely unknown. We propose a new dark matter particle and a means, via optomechanical experiments, to test for its existence. [Ian McHardy (Astro), Alexander Merle (High Energy), Tim Morris (High Energy), and collaborators; 30 Jan 2015]

Equilibrium spin pulsars unite neutron star populations

Using recent neutron star measurements, we find evidence for a fundamental link between pulsars with the slowest spin periods and strong magnetic fields around high-mass companion stars and pulsars with the fastest spin periods and weak fields around low-mass companion stars. The strong magnetic fields suggest the field penetrates into the star's superconducting core. [Wynn Ho (Gravity), Helen Klus (Astro), Malcolm Coe (Astro), and Nils Andersson (Gravity); 5 Dec 2013]

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List, by day of the week, of STAG-related research seminars.

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