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Living costs


Below is a table that will give you an idea of possible costs that you may incur whilst living in the Southampton area. Don’t forget to budget for Christmas and birthdays and one off events that happen throughout the year.

Utilities are included in Hall fees but are likely to be separate if you are in private rented accommodation so make sure all bills are handled fairly and are paid on time. Late payments can impact on your credit rating. Don’t forget that if you are moving into private rented accommodation you are likely to have to pay a deposit. More information on renting privately is available here.

These costs are only estimated averages and can fluctuate at any time.

ExpenditureEstimated weekly costEstimated yearly costs
University Hall of Residence £112.35 - £206.50 £5,729.85 - £10,531.50
Food £30 - £40 £1560 - £2080
Utilities (included in Hall fees) £24 £960
Socialising and sports activities £36 £1872
Mobile phone £6 £312
Internet £6 £312
TV License £2.97 £154.50
Toiletries, laundry etc. £10 £120
Travel – unilink £14 - £25.90 £395

Additional information is available from the Which? site concerning additional costs

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