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Microscopy laboratory

About the Microscopy laboratory

Our microscopy laboratory has a range of research-level microscopes, including many that can take photos. It also has a scanning electron microscope for high magnification imaging and electron dispersive spectroscopy (EDS) to quantify elemental composition.

Our geography and environmental science students use the laboratory to reconstruct past environments by analysing a range of materials. These include pollen, plant macrofossils, diatoms, tephra, testates and chironomids. It is also used for entomology and microplastic pollution environmental science studies.

The scanning electron microscope is part of a suite of microscopes in the laboratory. It's a popular piece of equipment for image analysis and sample measurements, with the ability to measure both three dimensional and thin samples.

Highlights include

  • stereo, petrological and biological research-level microscopes
  • available for imaging and energy dispersive x-ray spectroscopy
  • captures images at high magnification compared to an optical microscope
  • used to learn about crystalline structure and elemental composition
  • records topography, morphology and density of an object