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Postgraduate research project

Table-top cryogenic Lasers

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Type of degree
Doctor of Philosophy
Entry requirements
2:1 honours degree View full entry requirements
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Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences
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About the project

Cryogenically cooled lasers have proven themselves a platform-architecture for future high-energy and high-average power systems in large-scale-facilities institutes across the world. We seek a capable applicant to advance small-scale “turn-key” state-of-the-art highly energetic solid-state lasers operating in the visible and UV wavelength bands. The project objectives are targeting modes of operation that will lead to new laser parameters suitable for advanced-manufacturing applications.
We are looking for a keen and pragmatic applicant to advance the performance of cryogenic lasers through discovery of new approaches that capitalise on the unique properties of these systems. Your role will include practical development of this laser architecture to enable their exploitation in new operating regimes that will outstrip the performance of state-of-the-art room-temperature solid-state lasers.
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