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The University of Southampton
Winchester School of Art

Professor Jussi Parikka MA, Lic Phil, PhD

Professor in Technological Culture & Aesthetics

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I am Professor in Technological Culture & Aesthetics at the Winchester School of Art and interested in materiality of media culture, archaeologies of science, technology and art and questions of cultural theory. I work on and teach topics such as e-waste, ecology and digital art and culture.

Excavating archaeologies of media culture is an effective way to understand what we consider as the new and emergent digital environment.

Professor Jussi Parikka is a Finnish media theorist and writer. He is the author of various books on media archaeology, digital culture and technical media, including the monographs Koneoppi (2004), Digital Contagions: A Media Archaeology of Computer Viruses (2007, 2nd. Ed 2017), the award winning Insect Media: An Archaeology of Animals and Technology and What is Media Archaeology (2012). Most recently, he published the book A Geology of Media (2015), which was selected by the Choice-magazine as "an outstanding academic title for 2015". In addition, he has edited and co-edited such publications as The Spam Book: On Porn, Viruses and Other Anomalous Objects from the Dark Side of Digital Culture (2009), Media Archaeology: Approaches, Applications and Implications (2011), Medianatures: The Materiality of Information Technology and Electronic Waste (2011) and the special issue of Fibreculture (2011) on “Unnatural Ecologies – Media Ecology”. In 2015 he co-edited the collection Writing and Unwriting (Media) Art History: Erkki Kurenniemi in 2048. His current projects focus on contemporary media theory, as well as the genealogy and current uses of “laboratories” in (digital) humanities, design and media.

In 2015, e-flux magazine published a longer interview with him on his work in media ecology and contemporary cultural theory: "Media Archaeology Out of Nature" 

Professor Parikka is also Docent in Digital Culture Theory at University of Turku, Finland and Visiting Professor at the Academy of Performing Arts, Prague.


Research interests

Media Archaeology, Contemporary Media Theory, German media theory, Software Studies, Network Culture and Politics, New Materialist Cultural Theory.

PhD supervision

Professor Parikka supervises several students at the moment, and is interested in supervising research students in the above mentioned research interests fields.

Research group

Archaeologies of Media and Technology Research group

Research project(s)


Since February 2013 the Winchester School of Art has worked in partnership with transmediale - the world-renowned media arts festival and year-round project based in Berlin.

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Professor Parikka’s most recent publications include:

Books (single authored):


(2015) A Geology of Media. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press. 
(2014) The Anthrobscene. (Short booklet in the Forerunners e-book series). Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press.
(2012) What is Media Archaeology? Polity Press: Cambridge.
(2010) Insect Media: An Archaeology of Animals and Technology. University of Minnesota Press: Minneapolis, 320 pages.
(2007) Digital Contagions. A Media Archaeology of Computer Viruses. Peter Lang: New York. 327 pages.
(2004) Koneoppi. Ihmisen, teknologian ja median kytkennät. Kulttuurituotannon ja maisemantutkimuksen laitoksen julkaisuja, University of Turku: Pori. 227 pages.

Edited books and journal special issues:

(2015) Writing and Unwriting (Media) Art History: Erkki Kurenniemi in 2048, eds. Jussi Parikka and Joasia Krysa. Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press.  
(2015) Friedrich Kittler e-special issue, Theory, Culture & Society (eds. Jussi Parikka & Paul Feigelfeld). Sage.   
(2013) Wolfgang Ernst: Digital Memory and the Archive, edited with an introduction by Jussi Parikka (Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press). 
(2013) Cultural Techniques -special issue for Theory, Culture & Society, co-edited with Ilinca Iurascu and Geoffrey Winthrop-Young. Theory, Culture & Society 30.6 (November 2013).
(2011) Unnatural Ecologies – Media Ecologies-special issue (with Michael Goddard) for Fibreculture.
(2011) Medianatures. The Materiality of Information Technology and Electronic Waste – part of the Living Books about Life-project, Open Humanities Press,
(2011) Media Archaeologies: Approaches, Applications, and Implications. (Co-edited with Erkki Huhtamo). Berkeley, CA: University of California Press. 345 pages.
(2011) Media Ecology-special issue for Fibreculture-journal issue 17, co-edited with Michael Goddard.
(2009) The Spam Book: On Viruses, Porn, and Other Anomalies from the Dark Side of Digital Culture. (Co-edited with Tony Sampson). Cresskill: Hampton Press. 320 pages.
(2008) In Medias Res. Hakuja mediafilosofiaan. (With Olli-Jukka Jokisaari & Pasi Väliaho). Eetos-julkaisusarja, Turku. [In Medias Res: On Continental Media Philosophy.] 276 pages.


(2015)Earth Forces: Contemporary Media Land Arts and New Materialist Aesthetics”. Cultural Studies Review, vol.21, no 2, a special issue on New Materialism, eds. Hongisto, Kontturi & Tiainen.  
(2015) “Sites of Media Archaeology: Producing the Contemporary as a Shared Topic”. Journal of Contemporary Archaeology, vol 2., issue 1, 8-14.
(2015)Mutating Media Ecologies“.  Continent-journal, issue 4.2 2015, 24-32.
(2015) “The City and the City: London 2012 and the Visual (Un)commons” in Postdigital Aesthetics: Art, Computation and Design, edited by David M. Berry and Michael Dieter. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 203-218.
(2015) “Viral Ecologies: A Brief Media Archaeology of Software and Artificial Life” in New Media, Old Media. 2nd revised edition. Eds. Wendy Hui Kyong Chun, Thomas Keenan and Anna Watkins Fisher. New York: Routledge.
(2014) “History of Computers” in The Johns Hopkins Guide to Digital Media Emerson, Ryan and Robertson, eds. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, pp.249-254.
(2014) “Viral Aesthetics” in The Johns Hopkins Guide to Digital Media Emerson, Ryan and Robertson, eds. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, pp. 500-502
(2014) “Cultural Techniques of Cognitive Capitalism: Metaprogramming and the Labor of Code.” Cultural Studies Review 20 (1), March 2014, pp. 29-51.
(2014) “McLuhan at Taksim Square”. A short contribution to the McLuhan’s Understanding the Media 50th Anniversary Special Issue of Journal of Visual Culture, April 2013, 13 (1), pp. 91-93.
(2013) “Green Media Times: Friedrich Kittler and Ecological Media History” in Archiv für Mediengeschichte, pp.69-78.
(2013)Cultural Techniques and Media Studies”. Afterword to the Cultural Techniques Special issue, Theory, Culture & Society 30 (6), November 2013, pp. 147-159
(2013) “Dust and Exhaustion: The Labor of Media Materialism” Ctheory-journal.
(2013) ”Media Zoology and Waste Management: Animal Energies and Medianatures” NECSUS – the European Journal of Media Studies.
(2013) “Critically Enginereed Wireless Politics”. The Platform Politics-special issue, edited by Hands, Langlois and Elmer, Culture Machine.
(2013)Insects and Canaries: Medianatures and the Aesthetics of the Invisible”. Angelaki: the Journal of Theoretical Humanities 18:1, 107-119.
(2012) “Zombie Media: Circuit Bending Media Archaeology into an Art Method” (with Garnet Hertz) Leonardo-journal vol 45, issue 5, 424-430.
(2011) “Operative Media Archaeology: Wolfgang Ernst’s Materialist Media Diagrammatics.” Theory, Culture & Society 28 (5), 52-74.
(2011) “Media Ecologies and Imaginary Media: Transversal Expansions, Contractions, and Foldings.” Fibreculture-journal, Media Ecology-special issue edited by Michael Goddard and Jussi Parikka.
(2010) “Ethologies of Software Art: What Can a Digital Body of Code Do?” In: Deleuze and Contemporary Art, edited by Simon O’Sullivan and Stephen Zepke. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 116-132.
(2010) “Sublimated Attractions – The Introduction of Early Computers in Finland in the late 1950s as an Audiovisual Experience” (with Jaakko Suominen). Media History 16:3, November 2010, 319-340.
(2008) “Politics of Swarms: Translations Between Entomology and Politics.” Parallax vol. 14, No.3, 112-124.
(2008) “Copy.” In: Software Studies. A Lexicon. Edited by Matthew Fuller. Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press, 70-78. Polish translation published in Kultura Popularna-journal 4/2008. (2009).
(2007) “Contagion and Repetition – On the Viral Logic of Contemporary Culture.” Ephemera – Theory & Politics in Organization, volume 7, no. 2 (May 2007),
(2007) “Insects, Sex and Biodigitality in Lynn Hershman Leeson’s Teknolust .” Postmodern Culture. Volume 17, no. 2, 2007.
(2007) “Control and Accident: Images of Thought in the Age of Cybernetics.” NMEDIAC – The Journal of New Media and Culture vol. 4 no. 1.
(2006) “Victorian Snakes? Towards A Cultural History of Mobile Games and the Experience of Movement.” Game Studies 1/2006. (With Jaakko Suominen.) <>.
(2005) “The Universal Viral Machine – Bits, Parasites and the Media Ecology of Network Culture.” CTheory – An International Journal of Theory, Technology and Culture, 15.12.2005. Online at Url: <>.
(2005) ”Digital Monsters, Binary Aliens – Computer Viruses, Capitalism and the Flow of Information.” Fibreculture, issue 4,
URL: <>.


Please see for a full list of his publications.

Jussi teaches various digital culture, art and media theory related topics on both BA and MA level on different pathways in Graphics, Art, Design and Media.

Professor Jussi Parikka

Room Number : 63A/2029

Professor Jussi Parikka's personal home page
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