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Student Discipline Committee 2023-24

Terms of reference

1. To oversee the implementation of the Student Discipline process.

2. To determine if a matter falls out of scope of the Discipline Regulations or it is not in the interests of the University to investigate.

3. To hear, in person or virtually, any representations from the Responding Student concerning proposed suspension whilst an investigation is undertaken.

4. To consider such cases of Misconduct and Serious Misconduct by students as may be referred to it by the Chair of the Student Discipline Committee.

5. To hear appeals submitted following notification of the outcome of an investigation hearing.

6. To report to the President and Vice-Chancellor and Senate any action taken following the outcome of an investigation hearing.

7. To respond to national developments in student misconduct, particularly from the Office for Students, and for developing an evolving framework for decision making.

8. To undertake an annual review of the Student Discipline Regulations, policy and sup- porting guidance.

9. To provide an annual report to Senate on the work of the Student Discipline Committee


Chair: A Vice-President or nominee must attend

Four members of Senate:

  • two Deans (all Deans will become members of the committee for the purposes of conducting hearings and will be called on as required)
  • one Academic member
  • one Professional Services member

(term of office to be 3 years in line with Senate term of office)

One student representative nominated by the President of the Students' Union must attend

Secretary: An appropriate member of staff from the Office of Academic Registrar

Frequency and Timing

Standing Committee to meet at least three times per year (items 7, 8, 9).

Hearings will be held throughout the year as determined by the procedures set out in the Regulations Governing Student Discipline, section 7.


The Student Discipline Committee will be quorate with at least a Vice President (Chair), a member of Senate, and a student representative.

Hearings will be quorate with at least a Vice President (Chair), a Dean (from a Faculty other than that of the reporting or responding student), a member of Senate and a student representative.

Reporting Requirements

The Student Discipline Committee reports to Senate.