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The University of Southampton
Antibody Trader

Antibody and Vaccine Group (AVG)

The Southampton Antibody and Vaccine Group (AVG), is part of the school of Cancer Sciences and based in the Centre for Cancer Immunology, within the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Southampton. It has been working on monoclonal antibodies for over 25 years, providing ideas, reagents and mechanistic understanding, before translating these findings into treatments for patients.

The current members are Aymen Al-Shamkhani, Stephen Beers, Yury Bogdanov, Mark Cragg, Juliet Gray, Sean Lim and Ali Roghanian.

They comprise basic scientists, clinicians and next generation pre-clinical model experts. They possess expertise in T cell, B cell and myeloid biology and bring together an unusual critical mass in all aspects of antibody biology and immune-oncology, allowing them to deliver cutting-edge transformative science.


Antibody and Vaccine Group AVG
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