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Research centre

Centre for Cancer Immunology

An external view of the centre for cancer immunology, based at Southampton General Hospital.

Our interdisciplinary research helps scientists and medics to collaborate worldwide. By bringing people together and sharing our expertise, we're working faster than ever before towards a cure for cancer.

Part of Medicine

Scientists at the University of Southampton have been part of leading cancer immunology research for decades, and have a reputation for innovation and performance. In spring 2018, the University opened the Centre for Cancer Immunology, the UK's first centre dedicated to cancer immunology research. Connected to leading institutions worldwide, this modern research centre enables our interdisciplinary teams to expand clinical trials, explore new areas and develop lifesaving drugs.

Our new treatments in the form of vaccines and antibodies direct special immune cells against cancers. These 'killer' cells can control and shrink cancer and give long-lasting protection.
Professor of Medical Oncology

Taking on hard-to-treat cancers

Our research into cancer is saving lives. Our scientists are making major progress in both the lab and the clinic, and thanks to our Centre for Cancer Immunology, this success is expected to continue.

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