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Professor Stephanie Moser 

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Professor Stephanie Moser is a Professor of Archaeology and Head of the Department of Archaeology at the University of Southampton.

Stephanie specialises in the representation and reception of the past. Her research focuses on the construction of ideas and knowledge about antiquity as they are communicated through visual images, museum displays, exhibitions and art. These subjects have been explored by Stephanie in detailed investigations of the portrayal of ancient Egypt in the nineteenth century, the history of antiquarian and archaeological illustration, and methodologies for museum analysis and the involvement of local communities in the interpretation of their heritage. Stephanie is the author of Ancestral Images (Cornell University Press 1998), Wondrous Curiosities (Chicago University Press 2006), Designing Antiquity (Yale University Press 2012), and The Beauty of Archaeology (Oxford University Press: forthcoming); all which seek to outline the two-way knowledge exchange between academic research and receptions of the past.





Research interests

Research projects recently brought to completion by Stephanie are 'Archaeology and Egyptomania: art, design and the development of Egyptology in Britain' (funded by the British Academy - Senior Research Fellowship), the 'Visualisation in Archaeology' Project (funded by English Heritage), and ‘British art, archaeology and the discovery of ancient Egypt’ (funded by the Leverhulme Trust – Major Research Fellowship). The results of the first project are presented in the book Designing Antiquity, which examines the role of nineteenth century British designers in creating understandings of ancient Egypt. Discussion focuses on the work of Owen Jones (1809-1874), who was responsible for creating a series of pioneering exhibits on the ancient world at the Crystal Palace at Sydenham in 1854. Results of the second project, 'Visualisation in Archaeology', have been published in articles on the history and nature of imaging practices in archaeology (Moser 2012,2014), and findings from the third project are presented in The Beauty of Archaeology (forthcoming, 2018). This project investigates how historicist painters working in Britain responded to archaeology and Egyptology in the second half of the nineteenth century. Discussing the Egyptian-themed works of three leading painters in Victorian Britain, Lawrence Alma-Tadema, Edward Poynter and Edwin Long, the book demonstrates how they actively engaged with the material culture of ancient Egypt and particularly the collections of the British Museum.

Research Project(s)

Stephanie is currently working on a major project on early archaeological illustration. The aim is to establish how early members of the Society of Antiquaries of London enlisted images of artefacts to aid in their discussions and research endeavours.



Book Chapters


PhD Supervision

Stephanie supervises PhD students working on the reception and representation of archaeology (particularly ancient Egypt), archaeological visualisation, archaeology in museums and exhibitions, community archaeology and the history of archaeology.

Professor Stephanie Moser
Faculty of Humanities, University of Southampton
Avenue Campus, Highfield
SO17 1BF
United Kingdom

Room Number:65A/3035

Telephone:(023) 8059 4207
Facsimile:(023) 8059 3032

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