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The University of Southampton
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Section IV: General Information and Regulations


Regulations for Admission to Degree Programme

Policy and Guidance for Applicants with Criminal Records



Enrolment Declaration

Enforceability of Regulations under Regulations for Student Non-academic Misconduct

Regulations Governing Students Sponsored by the Points Based Visa System

University Regulations and the Equality Act



Fees, Charges and Expenses

Management of Student Tuition Fees Debt due to Political, Social and/or Economic Turmoil in Home Countries

Notification of Change of Personal Details

Student Protection Plan

The Students' Union


General Academic Regulations

Academic Integrity Regulations

Attendance and Completion of Programme Requirements

Credit Accumulation and Transfer Scheme

Organisation and Conduct of Examinations

Regulations and Definitions Applying to Progression for all Credit-Bearing Programmes

Progression, Determination and Classification of Results: Undergraduate and Integrated Masters Programmes

Progression, Determination and Classification of Results: Postgraduate Master's Programmes (for students starting from 2018-19 academic year)

Progression, Determination and Classification of Results: Standalone Master's Programmes (for continuing students who started before the 2018-19 academic year)

Progression, Determination and Classification of Results: Presessional Programmes (for applicants who complete enrolment from 1 June 2019 – 30th September 2019)

Regulations Governing Special Considerations (including Deadline Extension Requests) for all Taught Programmes and Taught Assessed Components of Research Degrees

Transfer, Suspension, Withdrawal and Termination

Transcripts and Certificates


Use of Facilities (Regulations marked '**' also apply to staff)

Regulations for the use of Computers and Voice and Data Communications Networks**

Regulations for the Use of iSolutions Resources**

Identity Cards**

Library Regulations**

Regulations Governing Halls of Residence

Regulations for the Registration and Parking of Motor Vehicles and Bicycles**

Use of University Property**


Intellectual Property (These regulations also apply to staff)

Intellectual Property Regulations

Off-Air Recording of Radio and TV Broadcasts for Educational Purposes


Appeals / Complaints / Student Non-academic Misconduct

Regulations Governing Academic Appeals by Students

Regulations Governing Complaints from Applicants

Regulations Governing Student Complaints

Regulations Governing Student Non-academic Misconduct


Policy Documents (These policies also apply to staff)

Data Protection Policy

Dignity at Work and Study Policy

Disability Statement

Equal Opportunities Policy

Ethics Policy

Fitness to Practise Policy

Freedom of Information Policy

Freedom of Speech

Health and Safety Policy

Open Access Policy

Procedures for Investigating Cases of Alleged Misconduct in Research

Research Data Management Policy

Safeguarding Policy

Student Support Review Regulations


Programme Completion

Certification of Awards

Official and Academic Dress

Privacy Settings