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The University of Southampton
Clinical Ethics, Law and Society

Research projects

Through our research we aim to provide detailed and empirically grounded understandings of the social and ethical challenges that are created by developments in medical practice.

Our research is conducted within these areas:-

Cell inspired artwork courtesy of the Elliott Group

Current Projects:

Ethical Preparedness in Genomic Medicine

But what is my result?

UK Biobank

Additional findings and whole genome sequencing

Communication of results from the 100,000 Genomes Project to relevant others

Consent and confidentiality in genetic medicine

Developing digital tools to facilitate genome sequencing clinical transition

Using Hospital Data to Improve Healthcare

Past Projects:

Expanded Preconception Carrier Screening

Framing the trajectories of decision-making in the context of predictive and prenatal genetic and genomic tests

Genetic testing of children for adult onset conditions

Incidental Findings (IFs) from genetic tests

The management of certainty and uncertainty in genetic findings



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