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The University of Southampton
Centre for Global Englishes

CGE Seminars Seminar

1 October 2010 - 1 August 2015
University of Southampton

For more information regarding this seminar, please email Will Baker at .

Event details

The centre runs a number of lunchtime, afternoon and evening events. These provide an opportunity for the discussion and presentation of important research and issues of relevance to the centre.

Afternoon seminar series


Semester 2 2014/15:


Wednesday 4th February: Tomokazu Ishikawa - Qualitative content analysis in ELF research

Wednesday 18th February: Discussion led by Ali Karakas, Lanxi Hu and Tomokazu Ishikawa - 'PhD progress: What makes the difference?'

Wednesday 4th March: Marta Bas - First year presentation on Language policy in the network of environmental non-governmental organizations – a case study of Climate Action Network Europe

Wednesday 18th March: Claire Cavanagh - Analysing Focus Group data

Wednesday 29th April: Lanxi Hu - Exploring influences on and orientation toward EMI in Chinese Higher Education

Wednesday 13th May: Haibo Liu - Language Policy and Practice in a Chinese High School from Global Englishes Perspective



Semester 1 2014/15

Semester 1 2012/13

Semester 2 2011/12

Semester 1 2011/12 

Semester 2 2010/11


Lunchtime postgraduate seminar series


CGE holds regular lunchtime seminars led by members of the postgraduate research community.

Semester 1 2014/15

Semester 1 2013/14

Semester 2 2012/13

Semester 1 2012/13

Semester 2 2011/12

Semester 1 2011/12

Semester 2 2010/11 

Semester 1 2010/11


Seminar presentations


Data collection in a single site - Hsiu-Ya Lee and Ying Wang

ELF data collection in multiple sites -Rob Baird and Mariko Kitazawa

Approaching Ethnographic Research - Rob Baird, Jiyeon Lee and Melissa Yu 

Terminology in Global Englishes - Jill Doubleday and Mary Page

Focus Groups - Sonia Moran Panero and Ying Wang

Accommodation in ELF communication among East Asian speakers of English - Kanghee Lee

Calling for ELF in the international university - Jill Doubleday


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