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Health Needs

Long Term Conditions

The LTCs research group aims to understand the experience, needs and responses of people and families living with long term conditions and/or multi-morbidity at all vital stages; and to develop and implement complex and innovative tools and interventions to improve their quality of life in the community, with a special emphasis on deprived populations. Through the Applied Research Collaboration Wessex we are looking at ways to foster integrated care and person-centred approaches and to optimise healthy living for people with LTCs. In particular, our research puts especial emphasis on exploring and enhancing the process of living with LTCs, and determining the influence of different factors in the process like social support, treatment burden, multi-morbidity, community or digital resources and networks. We propose models that could enable health and quality of life and the mobilisation of resources in the community for people living with LTCs and families. Looking for commonalities across LTCs we are prioritising the development and implementation of care pathways that could foster better living with LTCs while we learn from good practice in the UK and across countries. Our national and international research is connecting practice and policy priorities across LTCs to create an effective platform for policy development and service innovation, and for better quality/safety of care and quality of life of people with non-communicable conditions and family carers.  

Long term conditions
Long Term Conditions

Our research focuses on fostering and evaluating sustainable multisectoral action, patient driven care pathways and integrated care that could work across LTCs and for multi-morbidity, reduce service fragmentation for people with complex needs, and enhance their health and quality of life. This is achieved through:

  • the development of person-centred research tools that could foster integrated care,
  • the active involvement of people with LTCs and families,
  • the mobilisation of resources in the community for better health and social care,
  • the development of integrated and more effective guidelines and care pathways that could be implemented across LTCs
  • building and evaluation of communication channels and collaborative initiatives across sectors (communities, charities, industry, food companies, policy makers, education and research among others).


Staff memberPrimary position
Dr Leire Ambrosio Research Fellow
Dr Paul Clarkson Research Fellow
Dr Simon Fraser Associate Professor
Dr Kelly Hislop-Lennie Lecturer
Prof Mari Carmen Portillo Professor of Long Term Conditions
Prof Maria Stokes Professor of Muskuloskeletal Rehabilitation
Dr Lynn Wilson Principal Teaching Fellow
Andy Richardson Lecturer
Dr Dorit Kunkel Lecturer
Jane Frankland Research Fellow
Dr Sean Ewings Associate Professor
Lindsay Welch Lecturer
Nestor Serrano Senior Research Assistant


Key Publications

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