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Long Term Conditions

Our expertise

Learn more about our work and expertise.

Our research focuses on the needs and responses of people and families living with long term conditions (LTCs) and/or multi-morbidity at all vital stages; and the development and implementation of complex and innovative tools and interventions to improve their quality of life in the community, with a special emphasis on deprived populations.

In particular, our research puts especial emphasis on exploring and enhancing the process of living with LTCs and determining the influence of different factors in the process like social support, treatment burden, multi-morbidity, community resources and networks or digital inequalities. We propose models that could enable health and quality of life and the mobilisation of resources in the community for people living with LTCs and families.

Looking for commonalities across LTCs we are developing and testing person centred care pathways that could foster better living with LTCs while we learn from good practice in the UK and across countries. Our national and international research connects practice and policy priorities across LTCs to create an effective platform for policy development and service innovation, and for better care and quality of life and wellbeing.

Our expertise lies in:

  • Psychosocial approach of Multiple Long Term Conditions
  • Personalised Care and self-management support
  • Complex Interventions development and testing through large clinical trials
  • Integrated Care (multisectoral action)
  • Long Term Conditions specialised expertise (Neurological: Parkinson’s, Stroke, Huntingdon’s, Respiratory (COPD, Asthma) and Musculoskeletal (e.g. Arthritis Foot problems)
  • End of Life Care
  • Cross-sites and cross-national qualitative/quantitative research and analysis
  • Mixed methods research
  • Development and validation of person-centred assessment tools
  • Implementation research
  • Epidemiological research