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Centre for Linguistics, Language Education and Acquisition Research

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This page contains links to internal and external sites that may be of interest to CLLEAR members:


Video links to past CLLEAR seminars held at University of Southampton:


CLLEAR seminar 29 May 2020: Jason Rothman: "Bilingualism across the lifespan: discussing facts and myths"

CLLEAR seminar series 2019: Denis Drieghe, Devyani Sharma, Adriana Patino, David Block, Jonathan Kasstan, David Hall, Julio Villa-Garcia, Silvina Montrul, Jean-Marc Dewaele, Maria Leedham: Seminars.

CLLEAR seminar 18 October 2017: Alessandro Benati: 'The effects of structured-input and structured-output tasks on the acquisition of English causative'

CLLEAR seminar 6 October 2017: Tania Ionin: 'Implicit and explicit knowledge of English articles in speakers of article-less languages'

CLLEAR seminar 16 November 2016: Sophie Holmes-Elliott 'That's what she said: A sociophonetic investigation of class and gender in South-East England'

CLLEAR seminar 28 January 2015 - Jason Rothman: 'Sourcing (some) differences in heritage language bilingualism and why different is NOT deviant NOR incomplete.'

CLLEAR seminar 29 October 2014 - Marit Westergaard: 'Linguistic variation in monolingual and bilingual contexts: The size of rules & the role of economy, complexity and frequency.'

CLLEAR seminar 14 May 2014 - Jennifer Smith: 'The loci of inherent variability: what young children reveal.'

CLLEAR seminar 30 April 2014 - Andrea Révész: 'Researching task-based language teaching: A focus on task-based processes.'


Internal and external sites that may be of interest to CLLEAR members:

AAAL- American Association of Applied Linguistics

AILA- Association Internationale de Linguistique Appliquee

BAAL- British Association of Applied Linguistics

BALEAP - the British Association of Lecturers in English for Academic Purposes

CGE - Centre for Global Englishes

CILT- The National centre for Languages

EUROSLA- European Second Language Association

FLLOC- French Learner Language Oral Corpus

LLAS- Centre for Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies

SPLLOC- Spanish Learner Language Oral Corpus



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