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The University of Southampton
Centre for Linguistics, Language Education and Acquisition Research


CLLEAR has both staff and research student members. Click on the individual names to find personal profiles.

Professor Roumyana Slabakova


Professor Roumyana Slabakova - Generative Linguistic Theory, Second Language Acquisition, The Acquisition of Grammatical Structure and it's interaction with meaning



Dr Laura Dominguez

Deputy Director:

Dr Laura Dominguez - Second Language Acquisition, Generative Linguistic Theory, Spanish Linguistics



Staff Members and Research Interests:

Dr Alasdair Archibald - Discourse Analysis, Second Language Writing, and Interlanguage Theories.

Dr Will Baker - English as a Lingua Franca, Intercultural Communication, English Language Teaching, and English as a Medium of Intruction.

Ms Erika Corradini - history of English and its interactions with other languages across history.

Prof Marion Demossier - Transnationalism, globalisation, wine culture, European identity and policy.

Dr Glyn Hicks - Minimalist Syntax and Linguistic Theory.

Dr Julia Hüttner - Second and Foreign Language Learning and Foreign Language Education.

Prof Mike Kelly - French Culture and Society, Language Policy.

Dr Rugang Lu - Semiotics in Intercultural Studies, Literacy in Chinese, English Poetry.

Prof Clare Mar-Molinero - Language Policy, Language and Migration, Transnationalism and Globalisation, Urban Multilingualism in particular, but not exclusively, in the Spanish-Speaking World 

Dr Ian McCall - Translingualism, Intertextuality, e-Learning, Translation.

Prof Ulrike Meinhof - Migration, Diaspora Studies, Border Studies, Cultural Identity, Discourse Analysis, Media Studies, Sociolinguistics and Pragmatics.

Prof Rosamond Mitchell - Second Language Acquisition, Foreign Language Classroom Learning and Teaching

Dr Adriana Patino - interactional sociolinguistics, language socialisation, intercultural communication and multilingualism

Dr Alison Porter - second language teaching and learning; teaching foreign languages to young learners

Dr Sarah Rule - Second Language Acquisition

Prof Patrick Stevenson - German Sociolinguistics, Language Ideologies, The Politics of Language, Language Contact and Multilingualism, and Language Biographies

Prof Vicky Wright - Learner Autonomy, Resource-Based Learning, Curriculum Design and the use of new technologies for Language Learning

Dr Ying Zheng - psychometric analysis of language testing data, ESL/EFL learner characteristics, and quantitative research methodology

Dr Karin Zotzmann - intercultural education, foreign language teaching and learning, teacher development, Critical Discourse Analysis and academic literacy/writing.



PGR student members

Hassna M. Alfayez - The Effects of Study Abroad Experience on Second Language Learning

Ahmed A. Al Khateeb  - Wiki-Mediated Collaborative Writing: Looking at developing Writing Effectiveness in EFL 1st Year College Students.

Jiaoyue Chen - The study of formulaic language in Chinese L2 learners Writing

Okon Effiong - Factors influencing foreign language classroom anxiety in the Japanese EFL context.

Caroline Hyde-Simon - Predicting Relative Difficulty in the Acquisition of 'New' and 'Similar' Phonemes in Second Language Phonology: A case Study of L2 Zurich German Phonology

Barbara Ingram - Foreign Language Reading Development: Exploring the psycholinguistic sub-processes which underpin the vocabulary acquisition and text decoding skills of learners of French from Years 7 to 10 in England.

Hanadi Khadawardi - Improving Saudi University Students’ L2 Reading Skills with the Integration of Technology.

Maritza Maribel Martínez Sánchez - L1 and L2 linguistic transfer in the learning of a L3

Fiona Matter - The impact of translation systems on the future career prospects of professional translators and modern language students in secondary and higher education.

Serpil Meri - Learner autonomy and computer-assisted language learning.

Katie Merriken - Impact of Beliefs and Perceptions on Content Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) Implementation: Comparing Two Contexts

Armando Pérez Morfín - The role of translation while learning vocabulary in a foreign or second language.

Annis Shepherd - Formal approaches to syntactic variation and its links to the interface levels.

Hee-Jeong Song - The second language acquisition of pronominal binding by learners of Korean and English.

Elina Tuniyan - The second language acquisition of definiteness in English by speakers of article-less languages.


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