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Early Years CentrePart of Student Services

Job Opportunities at the Early Years Centre

Permanent paid positions

If you are interested in working for us, please send your CV in the first instance to the Centre Manager at

Volunteering with us

The Early Years Centre welcomes volunteers that attend the University. However all volunteers will need to commit to at least one session a week on a regular basis. In return volunteers will gain experience of working in a large team, meeting new people, and have fun.

Becoming a student volunteer

The Centre is committed to sharing best practice with those wishing to pursue a career in childcare. Therefore, we welcome students into the Centre to join our staff and gain work experience. We invite the new ideas they bring and experience we can share, and recognise this as an opportunity to examine and revise our own practice.

We have established close links with schools, colleges and universities, and placements are offered after discussions with the appropriate teachers/tutors, ensuring all they do is carefully supported and monitored.

All students are required to attend a pre-visit to the Centre for an interview, followed by their student induction and show around of the Centre. At this time students will have the opportunity to read and discuss relevant health and safety policies, receive a copy of the Student Handbook which includes their hours, dress code, nursery telephone number what to do in a fire drill.

Work experience students are assigned to a senior member of staff (their mentor), who supervises their work and will explain the safety and fire requirements. All students are encouraged to contribute fully to the routine of the group they are working in, and we encourage the flexibility to spend some time in each age group.

The Centre also welcomes students from the University that require research relating to their degree course. The Centre will work closely with the researcher. Parents will be informed if their child is required for the research and they have the opportunity to decline the offer.

Students are not left alone with the children at any time.

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