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Applied Economics

The research interests of the group are wide-ranging, encompassing topics in development, industrial, labour and public economics, as well in migration research and public finance. Common to this high-quality body of work is the objective to develop and apply state-of-the-art empirical techniques to analyse substantive empirical issues. In particular, over the past three years, the group has generated research funding in excess of £1.5 million.

Members of the group have recently published papers in the Review of Economic Studies, the Journal of Econometrics, the International Economic Review, the Econometrics Journal and the Journal of Applied Econometrics, as well as in top field journals such as the Journal of Development Economics and the Journal of Public Economics.

The following overview showcases the variety of our research interests. Some common themes, supported by collaborative research grants, are the economics of prosocial behaviour and migration research.

Over the past three years, members of the group have generated research funding in excess of £1.5 million. In particular, Tonin and Vlassopoulos have collaborated on ESRC-funded research on prosocial behaviour and have conducted experiments to test workers' intrinsic motivation. A one-day workshop at Southampton organised by Mirco and Michael showcased this work. Calvo Pardo's work on forward-looking behaviour is also funded by an ESRC research grant, 'Expected Returns, Limited Asset Market Participation and Background Risk'. Schluter and Wahba have recently won two large research grants on topics in migration research. The latest, 'Temporary Migration and Economic Development: the Triple-Win Policy Vision applied to North Africa', is the subject of a recent ESRC–DFID grant. They also lead an international team of researchers (which includes Calvo Pardo, as well as others outside Southampton) in work funded by a €850,000 grant from NORFACE. Specific projects include an analysis of the impact of labour market dynamics on return-migration, estimations of search-theoretic general equilibrium models to explain wage differentials between natives and immigrants, and several papers on the effects on local social networks on labour market outcomes. Schluter and Wahba are partially funded members on the migration strand of Southampton's interdisciplinary ESRC Research Centre for Population Change.

Members of the Group

Hector Calvo Pardo

Thomas Gall

Emanuela Lotti

Emmanuil Mentzakis

Jose Olmo

Carmine Ornaghi

Helen Paul

Christian Schluter

Mirco Tonin

Michael Vlassopoulos

Jackie Wahba

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