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Download wav files, thesis, and executable files of 3D models of pinnae and heads

Stereo Dipole wave files

How to set up your sound system for playback
Ideally, you should sit 2m away from the loudspeakers directly in front of them. The centres of the speakers should then be approximately 35cm apart. If your speakers are very small, try to sit 1m away from them when their centres are 20cm apart. It is very important that the fronts of the loudspeakers are accurately aligned (an offset of just a few millimetres can make a noticeable difference). If possible, you should position the loudspeakers in the middle of the room; the fewer reflections you get from the acoustic environment the better. You might wish to experiment with moving your head sideways in order to finde the exact location of the sweet spot. You should ensure that your loudspeakers are in phase, and that no equalisation or spatial enhancer of any kind is applied by your system.

List of PhDs Related to Virtual Acoustics And Audio Engineering

Numerical Modelling of HRTFs (encrypted files) 

Ellipsoid HRTFs - Matlab GUI

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