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The University of Southampton

From bent layers to broken waves

In honour of Professor Ian Castro's 65th birthday the Aerodynamics and Flight Mechanics group, co-sponsored by CD-adapco, hosted a special workshop entitled "From bent layers to broken waves: studies in engineering and environmental fluid dynamics" on the 28-29 March 2012.

The workshop took place at the Chilworth Manor Hotel, just outside Southampton, and there were talks and presentations from colleagues who had worked with Ian over the year.  Other colleagues, friends and past students made up the rest of the 50 delegates attending the workshop. 



Presentations slides can be downloaded, where available, by clicking on the title of the talk.

Session 1  
Professor Julian Hunt, Keynote speaker Interfacial shear layers in turbulent flows
Dr Maria Athanassiadou, Met Office The use of inversion methods in the reconstruction of unknown sources of contaminants in the environment
Professor Paul Linden, University of Cambridge Fluid mechanics of low-energy buildings
Professor Mike Graham, Imperial College London Aerodynamic control of flexible structures in the natural world
Session 2  
Professor Sergei Chernyshenko, Keynote speaker, Imperial College London Linearised Navier-Stokes equations and developed turbulence
Dr Paolo Orlandi, Universita di Roma La Sapienza  The importance of wall-normal Reynolds stress in transitional and turbulent rough channel flows 
Professor Gary Coleman, University of Southampton  The question of universality of turbulent axisymmetric wakes 
Session 3   
Dr Philip Hancock, University of Surrey  Wind turbine wakes in stratified flow: some initial experience with wind tunnel simulations 
Professor Peter Bearman, Imperial College London  Vortex-induced vibration of circular cylinders and its suppression 
Dr Roger Hoxey, University of Birmingham  Reynolds-number sensitivity of vortices in boundary-layer flows 
Professor P Hendrik Alfredsson, Linné FLOW Centre, KTH Mechanics, Royal Institute of Technology   The streamwise turbulence intensity in wall bounded flows - is there an outer peak?
Professor Sergei Chernyshenko, Toast  
Dr Les Bradbury, Dinner Speech   
Session 4   
Professor Stephen Belcher, Keynote, University of Reading The rough side of town - turbulent boundary layers over cities
Dr Omduth Coceal, University of Reading Mean flow, turbulence and dispersion in a complex urban-like geometry
Dr Stefano Leonardi, University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez Direct Numerical Simulation of a turbulent channel flow with 3D random roughness on a wall
Dr Per-Åge Krogstad, Norwegian University of Science and Technology Inner-outer layer interactions in rough-wall boundary layers 
Professor Jonathan Morrison, Imperial College London Similarity and non-equilibrium effects in rough-wall channel flow
Session 5  
Professor Alan Robins, Keynote, University of Surrey What did we do in Marylebone Road.....did it all begin with the Marchwood cube?
Dr Ian Cowan, Atkins Engineering consultancy and rigorous fluid mechanics
Dr Andy Hunt, Atout Process Ltd Waves, slugs and ghosts in gas-liquid pipe flow
Dr Michael Schatzmann, University of Hamburg LES of accidental releases

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