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Research project: Fluorescent solar collectors - Dormant - Dormant

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Fluorescent Solar Collectors (FSC) are an effective way of reducing the cost of solar cells.  FSCs consist of a clear material sheet doped with fluorescent dyes.  The dye absorbs the incident sunlight, and the re-emitted photons are trapped by total internal reflection and directed toward a PV cell mounted on the edges of the collector.  FSCs combine the high optical absorption of an organic dye with the energy conversion efficiency of a standard solar cell, resulting in a greatly reduced usage of the bulk semiconductor.

The aim of this project is to study the photon transport, with particular focus on the re-absorption issue in the fluorescent collector.  Ray tracing models are used to investigate the re-absorption probability, focusing on novel types of collectors which use liquid solvent as fluorophore matrix in a structure based on photnic light confinement.  The experimental measurements will be analysed by two types of model, analytical and thermodynamic, leading to an improved understanding of photon transport in fluorescent media.

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Fluorescent solar collector
Fluorescent solar collector
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