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The University of Southampton
Geography and Environmental Science

Research project: Opportunities and trade-offs between the SDGs for food, welfare and the environment in deltas

Currently Active: 

Development of Integrated Assessment Models to addresses mapping the complexity of SDGs within a large-scale social-ecological system , as well as directly supporting the evaluation and development of policies and practises to deliver sustainable development in West Bengal, India.

Start date: 01/01/2019

End date: 31/03/2021

This project will develop an Integrated Assesment Model addresses the following within coastal West Bengal (i) Novel interactions between critical SDGs, and (ii) contemporary policy dilemmas and SDG trade-offs. Some examples of the type of SDG research anticipated include (i) Different modes of aquaculture and fisheries can substantially impact food security but have a complex relationship with poverty, equity and the environment, particularly where commercial fisheries take over from agricultural production (ii) Migration and the complex drivers and impacts of migration can substantially change land use practices, economic profiles and environmental conditions (iii) Impact on environment of policies to address growth in the agricultural sector, such as subsidies for fertilizers or pest control, in both the immediate and longer term future (iv) How climate change may drive land use changes and cropping patterns in such a way as to encourage high value but high cost hybridized crops which have reduced access by the poor and increase inequity.

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Environmental Change and Sustainability (ECaS)
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