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University of Southampton Global Health Research Institute

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The GHRI launched in October 2014
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Professor Marie-Louise Newell


The overarching aim of the Global Health Research Institute is to improve global health, through high quality research and education, by bringing together the University’s internationally-recognised researchers to address the major challenges of population and health globally, in an interdisciplinary environment.




Members of the Global health Research Institute

Tawi Abbam, Postgraduate Researcher
Sara Afshar, Research Fellow in Public Health 
Therese Allan, Programme Director within Clinical Psychology
Nisreen Alwan, Associate Professor in Public Health
Sydney Anstee, Research Fellow at Centre for Sexual Health Research, Psychology
Pete Atkinson, Professor in Geography and Environment
Sallie Bacon, Director of Public Health, Hampshire
Claire Bailey, Lecturer in Demography
Janis Baird, Associate Professor of Public Health Medicine 
Mary Barker, Associate Professor in Psychology
Kerrie Baylis, Business Development Analyst and Bid Manager
Eloise Biggs, Lecturer in Geographic Information Systems
Hazel Biggs, Professor of Healthcare Law and Bioethics
Stephanie Bispo, PhD Student in Social Sciences/ Medicine
Darren Bradshaw, Associate Professor in Functional Materials
Lisa Bradshaw, Marketing Professional
Sally Brailsford, Professor of Management Science
Julia Branson, Principal Enterprise Fellow, GeoData
Neil Bressloff, Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Design
Rebecca Brown, Research Fellow, ResIn Study
Tony Brown, Professor of Physical Geography
Amos Channon, Associate Professor in Demography
Myron Christodoulides, Reader in Molecular Bacteriology/ Microbiology
Frances Clarke, Interdisciplinary Research Coordinator
Stuart Clarke, Associate Professor in Infectious Disease Epidemiology
and Honorary Consultant in Public Health

David Cleary, Post-doctoral Research Fellow  in Microbial Genomics

Sam Cockings, Associate Professor in Geography
Lesley Collier, Senior Lecturer in Occupational Therapy
Christine Currie, Associate Professor within Mathematical Sciences
Craig Dolder, Research fellow in ultrasonics and microbial surface fouling
Claire Dooley, Research Fellow in Transient Demography within Biological Sciences
Rob Eason, Associate Dean (Research) for the Faculty of Physical Sciences
Guy Edwards, Emeritus Consultant Psychiatrist
Paul Elkington, Professor in Respiratory Medicine

Christian Enemark, Professor of International Relations
Maria Evandrou, Professor of Gerontology; Head of the Department of Ageing/Gerontology
Mandy Fader, Professor of Continence Techology, Dean of Health Sciences
Caroline Fall, Professor of International Paediatric Epidemiology
Martin Feelisch, Professor of Experimental Medicine and Integrative Biology
Simon Fraser, Clinical Lecturer in Public Health
Eleonora Fraser, WUN Coordinator, Southampton
Richard Giordano, Senior Lecturer in Health and Social Care

Sian Goss, Research Intern
Mark Hanson, British Heart Foundation Professor of Cardiovascular Science
Andrew Harmer

Chloe Harvey, PhD Student in Social Sciences
Michael Head, Senior Research Fellow in Medicine
Markus Heller, Professor of Biomechanics within Engineering
Allan Hill, Professor of Population and International Health
John Holloway, Professor of Allergy and Respiratory Genetics

Vicky Hosegood, Professor of Demography and Family Health

Anne- Marie Hughes, Associate Professor, Health Sciences
Pete Hull, PhD Student
Paul Hurley, Senior Research Fellow in Geography and Environment

Antonella Ianni, Associate Professor in Economics

Roger Ingham, Professor of Health and Community Psychology
Ingrid Ceballos, PhD Student, Social Statistics
H.M. Inskip, Professor of Statistical Epidemiology, Deputy Director MRC Lifecourse Epidemiology Unit, Faculty of Medicine
John Acres, Coordinator, Wessex Global Health Network 
C. Jones, Associate Professor in Family Law
Chrissie Jones, Associate Professor and Honorary Consultant in Paediatric Infectious Diseases 
Sarah Kehoe, Senior Research Fellow, MRC
Simon Kigozi, Researcher, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
J.T Kigozi, PhD Student, Geography and Environment
Gloria Langat, Lecturer in Gerontology
T.GK Leighton, Professor of Ultrasonics and Underwater Acoustics
C. C Lougarre, Lecturer in Law
N.J. Madise, Professor of Demography and Social Statistics
C.R May, Professor of Healthcare Innovation
T McGowan, Research Manager within Social Sciences
N.Mcgrath, Professor of Epidemiology and Sexual Health
J.Mcquillan, Researcher in Oceanography
C Metcalf, Principal Enterprise Fellow in Health Sciences
E.M.Monks, Business Development Analyst & Bid Manager

Graham Moon, Professor of Spatial Analysis in Human Geography
Andrew Mortimore, Consultant in Public Health
Sarah Neal, Lecturer in Global Health
M Newell, Director of Global Health Research Institute
Rebecca Nunn, Public Health Specialist
O. A. Obanewa, PhD researcher, Human Development and Health
Lindley Owen, University of Southampton NHS Trust
S. Padmadas, Professor of Demography and Global Health
Sylvia. Pender, Associate Professor in Mucosal Immunology
David Phillips, Professor of Endocrine and Metabolic Programming
F Rezwa, Research Fellow in Epigenetics

Carol Rivas, Phillips Senior Research Fellow, Health Sciences
Steven Ryall, Lecturer within Health Sciences
Zoheir Sabeur, Science Director at IT Innovation Centre
R.E. Saw, Research Support Manager
H.K. Smith, Lecturer in Operational Research
P.J. Smith, Director, Institute of Life Sciences
A. Sorichetta, Senior Research Fellow within Geography and Environment
David Stevenson, Head of Business Development 
F. Tabassum, Visiting Research Fellow
M. Tebruegge, Clinical Lecturer in Paediatric Infectious Diseases
Liku B, Tezera, Research Fellow, TB Research Team
N Van Der Wielen, Research Fellow within Ageing/ Gerontology
A.M Viens, Associate Professor in Law
Andrew Walls,Reader in Immunopharmacology
M Willcox, Academic Clinical Lecturer in Primary Care
J.J. Wilson, Lecturer in Mental Health
Simon Zakrzewski, Associate Professor of Archaelogy
N.Zhang, Lecturer in Sociology

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