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Health Sciences

Dr Katherine Hunt PhD MSc BN (Hons) RN

Senior Research Fellow

Dr Katherine Hunt's photo

Dr Katherine Hunt is Senior Research Fellow within Health Sciences at the University of Southampton.

We must continually strive for quality and equity of access in end of life care

Although my clinical background is in nursing older people, after undertaking an MSc in Research Methods and PhD in Health Science I now conduct research into end of life care.

My research focuses on end of life care for older people, conditions other than cancer, multiple morbidity and the burden of treatment. I have a particular interest in end of life care for vulnerable adults and easily overlooked groups.

Working with Prof Julia Addington-Hall I was involved in the design and planning of the first national survey of end of life care using the VOICES questionnaire and continue to be involved in the National Survey for the Bereaved with the Department of Health and Office for National Statistics.

Research interests

 I hold a post-doctoral fellowship within the Faculty and I am currently looking at ways of measuring the work involved in self-managing treatments and ensuing treatment burden in patients with heart failure and multiple morbidity. Through this work I hope to develop methods of measuring this burden but also a person's capacity to manage the treatments we give them at the end of their lives.

Through my work with VOICES and the National Survey of the Bereaved I have developed a real passion for end of life care and bereavement from a public health perspective. This work has led me to become interested in patterns of place and cause of death and I am currently engaged in the International Place of Death Study which aims to map place of death around the world.

My interest in end of life care for vulnerable groups and role with the national VOICES work led to collaborations with learning disabilities researchers and our current study which aims to explore the epidemiology of deaths and quality of end of life care provision in people with learning disabilities.

I have expertise in systematic reviewing and am currently working on a review of measurement of treatment burden. I have an interest in questionnaire and outcome measure development, having redesigned the VOICES questionnaire and worked with a team to develop SKIPP, the St Christopher's Outcome Measure. 

Research group

Complex Healthcare Processes

Research project(s)

A collaborative research study to develop and test a clinical scorecard for St Christopher's Hospice, Sydenham - Dormant

A project to develop and test a clinical scorecard for St Christopher's Hospice, Sydenham, in collaboration with the hospice.

Measuring and evaluating end-of-life care in services for adults with learning disabilities in the UK

This study will, for the first time, explore the epidemiology of deaths and quality of end of life care provision in people with learning disabilities.

Measuring treatment workload, burden and capacity to self-manage heart failure

Exploring how we might measure a person's capacity to self-manage multiple health conditions as end of life approaches  

International Place of Death Study

A collaborative study of place of death based on death certificate data in European and non-European countries.

The IMPROVE study: VOICES redesign and testing project to inform the development of a national survey

The VOICEs survey will provide a mechanism for assessing the quality of care provided to people at the end of life, and their carers.

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Book Chapter

  • Addington-Hall, J. M., & Hunt, K. J. (2012). Non-cancer patients as an under-served group. In J. Cohen, & L. Deliens (Eds.), A Public Health Perspective on End of Life Care (pp. 151-159). Oxford, GB: Oxford University Press.



As module leader for e-Research Methods I am involved in teaching for the MSc in Clinical Leadership in Cancer, Palliative and End of Life Care. This MSc is an exciting endeavour which employs research-based teaching and brings new members with new insights into our research group.

I also have a passion for research methods and teach undergraduate and postgraduate health care professionals essential research skills to prepare them for a career as autonomous practitioners in a constantly changing health service.

Dr Katherine Hunt
Health Sciences Student Office University of Southampton Highfield Southampton SO17 1BJ

Room Number: 67/4005

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