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The University of Southampton
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What We Research

Researchers at Southampton study how people, institutions and communities have behaved, and how societies have changed, across a wide range of historical periods from ancient to modern and in a variety of geographical settings spanning most of the globe. Though the horizons of our expertise are broad, we also have shared interests in a number of historical themes.

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Institutions of faith and power

Professor G W Bernard, Professor David Brown, Professor Peter ClarkeProfessor Mark Cornwall, Dr Hormoz Ebrahimnejad, Dr Elisabeth ForsterDr George Gilbert, Professor Maria Hayward, Dr Jonathan Hunt, Dr Nicholas Karn, Dr Dan Levene, Dr Helen Spurling, Professor Ian Talbot, Dr Lena Wahlgren-Smith

Empire and after empire

Dr Chris Fuller, Dr John McAleer, Dr Pritipuspa Mishra, Professor Christer Petley, Dr Christopher Prior, Dr Louise Revell, Dr Charlotte Riley Dr Helen SpurlingProfessor Ian Talbot

Conflict and its legacies

Dr Rémy Ambühl, Professor Mark Cornwall, Professor Anne Curry, Dr Chris Fuller, Professor Neil Gregor, Dr Andy King, Dr Nicholas KingwellDr Craig Lambert, Dr Helen SpurlingProfessor Mark Stoyle, Professor Ian Talbot

Environment, technology and the material world

Dr Jonathan Conlin, Dr Chris Fuller, Dr Jonathan Hunt, Professor Maria Hayward, Professor Kendrick Oliver, Dr Louise Revell, Professor Mark Stoyle, Dr Katalin Straner, Professor Chris Woolgar

Artistic life, intellectual life, cultural life

Dr Jonathan Conlin, Dr David Cox, Professor Neil Gregor, Professor Maria Hayward, Dr Claire Le Foll, Dr John McAleer, Dr Pritipuspa Mishra, Professor Sarah Pearce, Dr Eleanor Quince, Professor Joachim Schlör, Dr Helen Spurling, Dr Katalin Straner, Dr Joan Tumblety, Professor Chris Woolgar

Race, gender and the promise of a civil society

Dr Eve Colpus, Dr David Cox, Dr Julie Gammon, Professor Tony Kushner, Dr Claire Le Foll, Dr John McAleer, Dr Pritipuspa Mishra, Professor Sarah Pearce, Professor Christer Petley, Dr Charlotte Riley, Professor Joachim SchlörDr Joan Tumblety

Migration, mobility and communication

Dr Annelies Cazemier, Dr Chris Fuller, Professor Tony Kushner, Dr Craig Lambert, Dr John McAleer, Professor Kendrick Oliver, Professor Christer Petley, Professor Joachim Schlör, Dr Lena Wahlgren-Smith

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