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Mathematical Sciences
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Professor Carsten Gundlach 

Professor of Mathematical Physics, Senior Tutor

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Professor Carsten Gundlach is a Professor of Mathematical Physics within Mathematical Sciences at the University of Southampton.


At the University of Southampton since 1999

Postdoc positions at University of Utah, Madrid, Albert Einstein Institute, and University of Chicago

PhD Cambridge (DAMTP) 1992

Undergraduate education (Physics) at Hamburg

Research interests

My work is in classical relativity, with applications to gravitational collapse, numerical relativity, black holes and neutron stars.

My PhD work was concerned with the quantisation of cosmological perturbations, with application to structure formation in inflation.

One of my long-term interests are critical phenomena in gravitational collapse: the time evolution of initial data that are close to the threshold of black hole formation show universality, self-similarity and critical exponents, in close mathematical analogy to a second-order (or critical) phase transition in statistical mechanics.

Another long-term interest is the development of mathematical formulations and numerical methods for numerical solutions of the Einstein equations (numerical relativity). I have made a major theoretical contribution to the first successful simulation, by Pretorius in 2005, of the merger of a binary system of black holes, the key expected source for the LIGO gravitational wave observatory. More recently, my research has focussed on matter (fluids, magnetic fields, elastic solids) in strong gravitational fields, motivated by the numerical simulation of neutron stars.

I have initiated the BritGrav series of annual conferences starting in 2001, and am organising a programme at ICMS in July 2011.

Research group

Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics

Affiliate research group

Relativistic Astrophysics

Research project(s)

Black Holes

General Relativity

Neutron Stars

  • Senior Tutor (UG students) in Mathematical Sciences
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MATH3083/MATH6163 Advanced Partial Differential Equations
MATH3084/MATH6162 Integral Transform Methods



Professor Carsten Gundlach
Building 54 Mathematical Sciences University of Southampton Highfield Southampton SO17 1BJ

Room Number : 54/2017

Facsimile: (023) 8059 5147

Professor Carsten Gundlach's personal home page
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