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The University of Southampton

Flow Cytometry Facility

The Flow Cytometry Core Facility is based in the Faculty of Medicine located within Southampton General Hospital and provides supported access to Flow Cytometry Analysis and Cell Sorting. The Flow Cytometry Facility Manager is Dr Carolann McGuire who has over 16 years' experience in the cytometry laboratory.

Flow Cytometry is a powerful technique which can quickly yield accurate data about millions of cells as they pass in single file past a range of lasers. In addition, cells can be physically sorted from a mixed population and used in downstream analysis techniques.

The Facility is open to scientists from the University of Southampton as well as external users. Facility users have access to four Flow Cytometry analysers which can detect up to 13 parameters and three cell sorters detecting up to 16 parameters. Instruments in the Facility are supported by supplier maintenance contracts so that they are regularly serviced and can be repaired should any problems arise.

Please contact Carolann McGuire to discuss how the Faculty of Medicine Flow Cytometry Core Facility can meet your requirements.

Instruments and services available.

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