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Professor Marion Demossier PhD in Social Anthropology and Comparative Sociology (Paris, EHESS)

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Professor Marion Demossier is a Professor of French and European Studies at the University of Southampton.

Professor Marion Demossier is a Professor of French and European Studies at the University of Southampton. Having graduated from Paris V, I completed a doctorate in Social Anthropology and Comparative Sociology on wine growers in France at the EHESS (École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, Paris) under the supervision of Professor Isac Chiva. I am currently a member of the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) Peer Review College (Anthropology of Europe) and I have worked on three decades in the area of anthropology of wine and terroir.  

Prizes Awarded

Nomination USU for ‘Best Feedback’ to students 2013-2014
Prize John Willis Award of ‘Best research and Best support to students’ by the University of Bath (1999).
Lucien Perriaux Award, Histoire regionale (1999)






Research interests

My research lies with the study of ‘culture in context’ through ethnography as the primary research method to understand better how global forces impact on specific groups and 'communities'. It aims to provide an understanding of the articulation of global concerns at local level by contributing to the debate about 'politics in places' and ‘place-making’ projects. Using multi-sited and long-term ethnography, my argument is that the ethnographic gaze offers a more nuanced and complex understanding of place, product, locality and people. My long-term project is devoted to Burgundy and the use concept of terroir as well as the ways in which regions have used heritage and culture as a tool for economic development. I have just completed a book on Burgundy and ‘terroir’ which seeks to understand the long term effects that globalisation has on people, but more specifically, to understand how communities change and shape their worlds.

More recently, as part of my interest in French Politics and Republicanism, I have been working on the Roma and their construction through President Nicolas Sarkozy's discourse and policies in France. I am keen to pursue research on French republicanism from an ethnographic perspective.

Affiliate research groups

Biography and Education, Ethnography Group

Head of the Modern Languages and Linguistics department.




God’s Vineyard, The reflexive imbrications of Terroir (forthcoming). 


Wine Drinking in France, An Anthropology of Wine Culture and Consumption in France (University of Wales Press, 2010), 224 pp. 


Hommes et Vins, une anthropologie du vignoble bourguignon (Editions universitaires de Dijon, 1999), 450 pp.






Handbook of French Politics, Society and Culture, edited by M. Demossier, D. Lee, A. Mondon, N. Parish (Routledge, forthcoming 2018)


The European Puzzle. Cultures and Identities in Europe, the political structuring of cultural identities (Berghahn, 2007), 224 pp.


Recollections of France: Memories, Identities and Heritage in Contemporary France S. Blowen, M. Demossier and J. Picard (eds.), (Berghahn, 2000), 272 pp.






‘Reflexive Imbrications’


The Globalization of Wine: The Trans-Nationalization and Localization of Production, Leisure and Pleasure edited by David Inglis and Anna-Mari Almila, University of the Arts London (forthcoming 2016). * REF Output2




‘The Politics of Heritage in the Land of Food and Wine’

A Companion to Heritage Studies, edited by William Logan, Máiread Nic Craith, Ullrich Kockel.

(Wiley-Blackwell Companions to Anthropology Series, 2015).




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Book Chapters


My current undergraduate teaching focuses on aspects of twenty-first century French Politics and contemporary society and culture as well as EU Politics; I have always believed in the virtues of ethnography as a methodological tool, the questions it enables a researcher to ask and the possibilities for qualitative and critical understanding it offers. I would therefore be delighted to work with candidates interested in using ethnography as a research method, especially in relation (but not limited) to research related to contemporary France, Europe, the EU or the UK. Working as a social anthropologist within the disciplinary field of Modern Languages and the particularly rich interdisciplinary environment at Southampton, I am very happy to advise and supervise postgraduate students working in a range of areas and regional contexts: wine and terroir studies, food studies, performative cultures, drinking cultures,  migration, Republicanism in France, the Roma, education/schooling and multiculturalism.

Professor Marion Demossier
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