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Professor Marion Demossier

Professor Marion Demossier

Professor of French & European Studies

Research interests

  • climate ethnography and environment and climate change
  • French and European politics
  • Republicanism

More research

Accepting applications from PhD students.


Marion Demossier is a social anthropologist by training. She is passionate about teaching ethnography as a modern languages method and believes that ethnographic theories and practices provide a unique mode of analysis of contemporary cultures and societies. Her research seeks to engage with different forms of ethnographies in diverse geographic locations, at different historical junctures and across humanities and social sciences.

Her fieldwork experience includes France, Italy, the UK, New-Zealand, Switzerland and Zambia. Her research focuses on wine-growers and terroir defined as a link between place, taste and 'quality'. Her new project investigates the relationship wine-growers have established with the environment and the ecological turn which has emerged in French rural society. 

Her expertise extends to food heritage, museums, the Roma and French politics and policies.