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All undergraduate Modern Languages and Linguistics programme and module information is available in the linked list below.

Language Stage Information

If you wish to learn more about taking a credit bearing language stage as a free elective module and as part of your degree programme or would like further details about the seven language stages please follow the below link. Where pre-requisites are detailed you should ensure that you meet these requirements.

Find out more about language modules

CourseUCAS CodeDuration
BA Applied Linguistics and English LanguageQ3103 years
BSc Business Management and French N1R14 years
BSc Business Management and GermanN1R24 years
BSc Business Management and SpanishN1R44 years
BA English and FrenchQR314 years
BA English and GermanQR324 years
BA English and SpanishQR344 years
BA English Language and LinguisticsQ3113 years
BA English Language and Linguistics with a Year AbroadQQ134 years
BA Film and FrenchRW164 years
BA Film and GermanRW264 years
BA Film and SpanishRW464 years
BA FrenchR1204 years
BA French and GermanRR124 years
MLang French and German (Integrated Masters in Languages)5XP94 years
MLang French and German Linguistic Studies (Integrated Masters in Languages)31C74 years
BA French and German (Linguistic Studies)RRC24 years
BA French and HistoryRV114 years
BA French and LinguisticsR1014 years
MLang French and Linguistics (Integrated Masters in Languages)5A9V4 years
BA French and MusicRW13 4 years
BA French and PhilosophyRV154 years
BA French and PortugueseRR154 years
BA French and SpanishRR144 years
MLang French and Spanish (Integrated Masters in Languages)5Y874 years
MLang French and Spanish Linguistic Studies (Integrated Masters in Languages)1T674 years
BA French and Spanish (Linguistic Studies)RRC44 years
MLang French (Integrated Masters in Languages)1C724 years
BA GermanR2204 years
BA German and HistoryRV214 years
BA German and LinguisticsR2014 years
MLang German and Linguistics (Integrated Masters in Languages)5D7H4 years
BA German and MusicRW234 years
BA German and PhilosophyRV254 years
MLang German and Spanish5B754 years
BA German and SpanishRR244 years
MLang German and Spanish Linguistic Studies1R574 years
BA German and Spanish (Linguistic Studies)RRF44 years
MLang German (Integrated Masters in Languages)5R244 years
BA Languages and Contemporary European StudiesR9004 years
BA Languages and Contemporary European Studies (English) (Non-native English speakers only)R9Q33 years
MLang Languages and Contemporary European Studies (Integrated Masters in Languages)1E454 years
BSc Mathematics with FrenchG1R14 years
BSc Mathematics with GermanG1R24 years
BSc Mathematics with SpanishG1R44 years
BA Modern LanguagesR9904 years
BA Politics and FrenchLR214 years
BA Politics and GermanLR224 years
BA Politics and Spanish and Latin American StudiesRL424 years
BA SpanishR4004 years
BA Spanish and Historyrv414 years
MLang Spanish and Latin American Studies (Integrated Masters in Languages)1G1S4 years
BA Spanish and LinguisticsR4014 years
MLang Spanish and Linguistics (Integrated Masters in Languages)1B6S4 years
MLang Spanish and Portuguese (Integrated Masters in Languages)1JT64 years
BA Spanish and Portuguese StudiesRR454 years
MLang Spanish (Integrated Masters in Languages)5T2A4 years
BA Spanish (Latin American Studies)RTK74 years
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