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Modern Languages (2 languages: French, German, Portuguese or Spanish) (BA)

Bachelor of Arts
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4 years
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About this course

This course starts in September 2024.

Develop your skills in 2 modern languages and broaden your understanding of societies and cultures where they’re spoken. Choose from French, German, Portuguese and Spanish.

Spend a year of this 4 year dual language degree abroad on a workplace, teaching or university placement. Develop your language skills and critical thinking while learning about other cultures and societies.

You can choose a language you have not studied. You'll get extra hours of teaching and funding for a language course abroad at the end of year 1 to make fast progress.

Whichever languages you choose, you'll:

  • become immersed in the languages and familiar with how they are spoken
  • develop the skills to interpret cultures and their beliefs and behaviours
  • study a society or cultures where your chosen language is spoken

Choose topics and gain expertise in areas that interest you most, including:

  • translation and interpreting
  • contemporary society
  • literature and film
  • linguistic studies
  • anthropology
  • history

Language study paths

These are the language combinations you can choose from:

  • BA Modern Languages (French and German)
  • BA Modern Languages (French and Portuguese)
  • BA Modern Languages (French and Spanish)
  • BA Modern Languages (German and Spanish)
  • BA Modern Languages (Spanish and Portuguese)

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Course location

This course is based at Avenue.

Awarding body

This qualification is awarded by the University of Southampton.

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