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Emeritus Professor John Heckels

Emeritus Professor John Heckels

Research interests

  • The structure and immunochemistry of the surface antigens of pathogenic Neisseria
  • The development of immunity to meningococcal meningitis and gonorrhoea
  • The identification and evaluation of potential vaccine candidates for prevention Neisseria infections

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Professor John Heckels obtained his Ph.D in Microbiological Chemistry and has had a career long interest in the surface antigens of pathogenic bacteria and their interaction with the host. In particular the role of outer membrane proteins in pathogenesis and induction of immune responses. The primary focus has been on the identification of potential candidates for inclusion in new vaccines against infection, particularly meningococcal meningitis and gonorrhoea. These studies included the development of novel techniques to identify surface antigens associated with the development of natural immunity following colonization and infection. He has also contributed to the training and development new researchers through postgraduate programmes.