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Mr Duncan Hornby

Mr Duncan Hornby

Senior Enterprise Fellow

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Address: B44, West Highfield Campus, University Road, SO17 1BJ


18 publications
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John B. Lindsay,
Wanhong Yang,
& Duncan D. Hornby
, 2019 , International Journal of Geo-Information , 8 (9)
Type: article
He Qing Huang,
Teng Su,
& Duncan Hornby
, 2018 , Earth Surface Processes and Landforms
Type: article
Anirban Mukhopadhyay,
Duncan D. Hornby,
F. Amoako Johnson,
& Tuhin Ghosh
, 2018
Type: bookChapter
Hai, Quang Trieu,
Duncan Hornby,
He Qing Huang,
C. Hill,
Z Ali,
A Ahmed,
I Iqbal,
& Z Hussain
, 2018 , Geomorphology
Type: article
William D. Riley,
Edward C.E. Potter,
Jeremy Biggs,
Adrian L. Collins,
Helen P. Jarvie,
J. Iwan Jones,
Mary Kelly-Quinn,
Steve J. Ormerod,
Robert L. Wilby,
Samantha Broadmeadow,
Colin D. Brown,
Paul Chanin,
Gordon H. Copp,
Ian G. Cowx,
Adam Grogan,
Duncan D. Hornby,
Duncan Huggett,
Martyn G. Kelly,
Marc Naura,
Jonathan R. Newman,
& Gavin M. Siriwardena
, 2018 , Science of the Total Environment , 645 , 1598--1616
Type: review
M. Naura,
D. D. Hornby,
A. L. Collins,
J. I. Jones,
& P. S. Naden
, 2016 , Ecological Indicators , 70 , 209--221
Type: article
M. Naura,
M.J. Clark,
P.M. Atkinson,
D.D. Hornby,
J. England,
G. Peirson,
C. Bromley,
& M.G. Carter
, 2016 , Ecological Indicators , 66 , 20--29
Type: article
John F. Murphy,
J. Iwan Jones,
James L. Pretty,
Chas P. Duerdoth,
Adrianna Hawczak,
Amanda Arnold,
John H. Blackburn,
Pamela S. Naden,
Gareth Old,
Duncan Hornby,
Ralph T. Clarke,
& Adrian L. Collins
, 2015 , Freshwater Biology , 60 (10) , 2019--2036
Type: article
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